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10 Beauty Tips Every Woman Should Know

Hi Everyone! (Open for more info) Here are 10 Beauty Tips Every Woman Should Know: 1. Wash Your Makeup Brushes …
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30 thoughts on “10 Beauty Tips Every Woman Should Know

  1. I use a regular razor to shave my face and the items you had I use these to ( pluck) my eye brows . I do have to shave everyday because I hate any foreign "object" on my face ! Thanks for the tips . I would like to know more about choosing the right color makeup to look your best, so many colors to choose from.Thanks

  2. i hate getting makeup on my pillowcase! I admit that in my younger years i went to bed many nights without washing my makeup off! I really never broke out but makeup was on my pillow when i woke up! gross!

  3. Thank you for your video.I think using a good cream blush really works well for mature skin as it looks like you blush from within and looks natural provided it is well blended on the face.Regards and look forward to hearing more of your videos.Thank you:).

  4. I too wish that every woman of any age would get rid of the weird facial hair.  I've been shaving the peach fuzz for  years and started plucking the strange ones in my early 40's.  I just want to walk up to some people and start plucking for them.  Surely they can see those things hanging off of the sides of their faces!  And I surely would want to be told if I had that going on.  That being said, wow they can surely grow fast!  I check almost every day and sometimes one will sneak up on me and be half an inch long before I find them.  I just subscribed to your channel and I truly appreciate you giving the more mature women a place to get good skin care and makeup advice.

  5. I really enjoyed your tips for over 40 make up. You have fantastic skin. Sadly, I live in a small town, which doesn't have a department store to try and match a foundation to my skin. I have never worn a foundation, until the last year. I have discovered that wearing a powder foundation, such as MICA, seems to announce my fine lines and pores. I discovered MICA, while on vacation, it is a bit costly, and I think I can use it as a great setting powder. I am in search of a liquid drug store foundation. Thank you for your video. I look forward to watching more of your videos! 

  6. Your a peach,thanks for your honesty,I thought there was something wrong with me get hair growing a bit on the face.Then Dr.Oz said shave and ever since I've been good to go,a little here and a little there,but I wouldn't want to be unconcious for 48 hrs.if you get my drift.lol…I'm anew subscriber,love you.

  7. My tip would be consider color wise for both cheek and lip to try at least some peachy pink…some coral…this works for all skin tones….it really warms up the face..helps us look youthful,rested,pops all eye colors…avoid too dark of a lip color….lastly invest in a vitamin c daily serum for your face and neck…. Your derm doc will always rec both a daily sunscreen and vitamin c….to help our collagen pillows underneath our skin…I'm 44 btw:)

  8. One of my best tips is very basic…sleep on your back, to avoid creases on the sides of your face and chest! That one tip can really help lots of women!

  9. Great video! I subbed because of it! I knew all of them, but it's so awesome to see a beautiful woman over 40 sharing beauty knowledge with others!

  10. Thank you so much for posting videos for women 40 and up.  I am 38 and for a while I have found great makeup tips from such young girls who are cute, but cannot understand some of my issues. You are so youthful and beautiful.  I will be coming back you your posts often now. Thank you for being there for us older gals.  

    One tip that I was wondering if you have shared with your friends yet is to always use heat protectant on your hair when styling. I have thin red hair and it is a must have every day. My hair is brittle.  

    Do you know of any women who are older with fair skin and light or red hair already posting videos? I have such a hard time finding someone out there like me to get advice from. Maybe I should start posting.

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