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7 Beauty Secrets Every Armenian Woman Knows | Beauty Junkie

Armenian women (and men): these tips are just for you. We recruited beauty blogger Teni Panosian to share her best beauty advice for glowing skin, shiny hair …
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30 thoughts on “7 Beauty Secrets Every Armenian Woman Knows | Beauty Junkie

  1. Does the eyebrow tip work for people with semi-sparse eyebrows as well? Sadly, I don't have a lot of hair in my eyebrows, and yet, I find it impossible to get the feminine, well-groomed appearance that most women seem to have. (Even though I try to pluck them in a nice shape) I am considering the trimming tip, but I am afraid it will mess them up, and make them look too sparse. How do people do it?

  2. .. why are people saying Armenians ARENT middle eastern?? Armenians are in fact middle eastern, Armenia borders Azerbaijan and Iran .. Armenia is in Asia.. so why are people saying it's not in the Middle East when it clearly is, and why are people getting offended when we tell them the truth? the Middle East is beautiful

  3. Armenian women remind me of Greek women , thats why I always liked Greek, Arab, Pakistan ,Iranian , women . Long black hair , full eyes , nice eyebrows , pointy nose . etc…

  4. Teni, you're gorgeous and your videos are brilliant but the wording of this video mistakenly categorizes Armenians as Middle Eastern. Half of them do not have your coloring and would not follow these guidelines.

  5. Interestingly enough legacy of Obama presidency influenced in the uprise of the American hoodlum, known to French as "Pied Noir" ! Therefore the lower end society is now in access of a PC and a MB! Nonetheless, " One can change the saddle, but not the horse"!
    For example, a goon thug such as this Jivan Zazaian just out of the ghetto will now be writing foul comments on UTUBE and impostering as a learned, instead of soliciting controlled substances and what is fit to his personality and such !
    JIvan Zazzian is not only oblivious of the difference between an [Aryan] verses an [Arian], but he is gone mad insulting the intelligent commentator on the subject!
    In addition he merely functions upon assumption, such as he assumed that I would not even have a junior high education, which most likely was a challenge for himself to achieve! I ironically have seven years of college and enough courses in psychology to see about his mental disorder! Not only but, we all know what is said about those who assume, MAKING AN ASS OUT OF THEMSELVES!
    Furthermore, contradiction of his self proclaimed statements are quite eminent in the contents of his own referenced hyperlinks!
    He also claims that Armenians have never had mixed racial breedings, while he has an African American partner and he himself well resembles the jihadist Sheik Hamza without the turban on his head!

  6. I'm eastern european and I too have sculpted high cheekbones, green eyes, and a warm skin tone 🙂 I feel eastern europeans are the closest thing to middle eastern people so we share similar features a lot of the time.

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