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44 thoughts on “Makeup TIPS-BEAUTY TIPS FOR WOMEN

  1. Great tips! You seem like a very humble person. I've searched thru your channels but I haven't seen any " what I eat in day " or exercise routines. You have to share your secret.

  2. Just read your 40+ which I find amazing cause you're fabulous!! But also I'm pushing 40 and love that you have inspired me to allow myself to age but can still be sexy and bombshell!! Thank you so much Angela 💗

  3. strange, I just saw this video till now ! I have the Same with bronzer/ contour that you have with eye makeup . I makes me look 20 years older! And blush is a No go for me because I have very rosy cheeks myself that interfere with blush. makes doing my make-up rather quick: just Foundation mixed with some oil against creasing (No powder!) and some eyeshadow, liner,nmascara. And lipstick. Btw I am 50 plus

  4. I'm 43 so this great advise!!! I prepped to much, I know this now thanks to you! (Only do areas not the whole face!) Love lip liner too!! I find it works much better through out the day than lipstick! I love Revlon liners!!

  5. I just found you and I'm 43 and I try hard to stay in shape n look n feel sexy I think your beautiful and love your helpful tips
    I agree as we get older we get smarter
    think it gorgeous

  6. Hi, what's the name of the Coconut oil that you use for your face? I've also heard that Coconut cooking oil is really good too, for the face and body and expecially if you have stretch marks too. Please let me know 😘😘😘

  7. thank you, for commenting back. I appreciate it so much, and made me so happy. however, you are busy and have so many viewers that i dont want to pressure you to feel that you need too!. i love everything about you and what your channel delivers! thank you for your kindness and channel! you also tell it like it is! take care.. God Bless! xoxo.

  8. First time I've seen your videos, and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed you !! You are a beautiful woman and I'm going to subscribe to your channel !! Thank you so much !!
    Susie M.

  9. why thumbs down people? this girl has the most flawless skin, sweetest personality, is so creatively blessed! then here she is sharing this with us! don't be rude , jealous, or critical please! I for one love her channel and I'm greatful she's available for us!

  10. I'm 65 and you are right about having to re-do the makeup routine. My problem is I just love eyeshadow and I feel relaxed when I apply it. But then I have to take off a lot with a cotton swab until I'm satisfied with my look! I love your videos. Please keep them coming!

  11. Hahaha beautiful and funny. U are so right…. People over do the eyes and wear too much makeup. I don't like "looking crazy" as u put it! Hahahaha love the tips but girl you know damn well you look 25-30 no older. You look great!!!!!

  12. Love having a "tuber" that is older than 12!!!! hahahaha I am 37 years old and I find your videos are done so well and are super helpful, in all aspects of life. Great channel!!!

  13. You should try the It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer! I use that all over my face and it gives me all over coverage! 🙂 It's the best thing I've ever discovered! ♥

  14. Spf-20 is not full coverage. You would want to buy spf-30. It's interesting to hear that many people make the mistake of thinking that spf15 or 20 is full coverage. There is makeup that has spf-30

  15. LOVE your makeup tips for over 40 years old. Thank you for sharing girlie! BTW you look absolutely beautiful, your makeup looks natural and flawless. If I did know your age, I'd guess that you're in your earl 30s. Have a fabulous 4th of July weekend gorgeous! 💞

  16. hi Angela I love How u do your make up,the lip color look pinkish from my devis, I always have had problems finding the right foundation for my face I used to use Mary Kay but they made changes to their products so after that I can't mach my color now I use almay make up but not to happy about it, my skin color is somewhat midium so what color do u think I should use? thank u,

  17. your makeup look is sooo natural and not overdone or dramatic like all the other tutorials…! it will suit all age groups… u r an inspiration..! i love your videos! love ya!

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